Presentations with Prezi

Prezi is an online interactive presentation tool similar to PowerPoint.  Unlike PowerPoint however, Prezi allows the presenter to show the big picture, and then enables him/her to zoom in and concentrate on the details.  I like the fact that, according to the Prezi website, the templates provide not only a background, but act as a metaphor for the ideas being expressed in the presentation (Prezi, 2013).  Educators can sign up for a free Enjoy Edu account.  Since I don’t have a school I registered for a free Public account.  The main differences between the Enjoy and Public accounts is with the Enjoy, users can create private Prezis, get premium support, have the ability to use their own logo, and receive 500MB of storage space (compared to 100MB with Public) (Prezi, 2013).


After watching the introductory tutorial and reading about how to use Prezi on the website (Prezi – Learn), I started to create.  I chose a template and started adding text.   It is very easy to do although there didn’t seem to be much choice in text fonts and I had some trouble changing the colour of the text.  I didn’t try adding images or video, but there are icons for that and I assume it would be just as easy to do.  What took the most time for me was adding all the text myself.  The tutorial states that users can import an entire PowerPoint presentation into Prezi and it will automatically convert it to the Prezi format on a template of your choosing.  As many teachers teach using PowerPoint, converting to Prezi seems like it would be little trouble. However, once teachers convert their PowerPoint to Prezi, they may not want to limit themselves to the slides they already have.  Check out this Prezi from the Prezi website (under Explore) on The magical theory of relativity.

I certainly did not get this creative in my Prezi, but I can see the potential for creating something really unique to grab the attention of my students and to keep them interested throughout my lesson.  Here is a link to my own Prezi.



Prezi (2013). Engage your class. Prezi Inc. Retrieved from


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