Journey’s Beginning

I am new to blogging, and I don’t “follow” many other blogs, so until I get used to this, my blog will not be too fancy….no photos, videos, graphics etc.  However, I hope you find my written journey interesting and I am looking forward to sharing what I have learned through course readings and reflections as well as from my classmates.

I thought I would start out by elaborating on how my journey got started.  I am a TOC, with a science/biology background.  A couple of year’s ago I had the opportunity to work in a high school library.  I ended up having temporary contracts at two different times in this same library, totalling about 8 months.  I fully enjoyed myself and felt I had found my niche.  However, it took me awhile to decide to officially pursue this area of education.  What mainly held me back was the thought of going back to school and the fact that in the school district I work, a teacher-librarian diploma is technically not necessary to working in a school library.  However, on the advice of other teacher-librarians, and the knowledge that being a teacher-librarian was what I really want to do, I decided to take the leap and start the process of taking courses.  LIBE 467 is my third course (I took LIBE 461 and 463 last semester) and one thing I have learned is that I have a lot to learn about becoming a teacher-librarian.  Friends and family give me a look of disbelief when I tell them a Diploma is 10 courses.  Can there really be that much to learn about being a teacher-librarian?  I understand their reaction, because it was mine when I first started.  Not any longer.  I am certainly glad I have started this journey and am looking forward to its continuation.


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  1. Anne

    I had a similar start to my career – got the job, and then got the education. I did a Master’s Degree from an ALA accredited school in the US – and did the whole thing in a calendar year, while most of my classmates took two years. As one wag put it then – it may not be rocket science but it is intensive and requires a really good content base.

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